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I'm Lucy.

sorry for being too honest

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*yells from back row* play Stole My Heart

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Hardcovers for aesthetics.
Paperbacks to read.
Ebooks to travel.

The holy trinity of book lovers.

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the thing about people finding out you like one direction is that once they do they assume all you do is listen to one direction and everything you do is about one direction even though it is but that’s not the point

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Yay Giveaway Time!
So, my cousin’s wife is fortunate enough to have this Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel with Gold Tone Hardware. She offered it to me as a gift but I definitely don’t feel comfortable owning an accessory that expensive. So we’re giving it away to one of our lucky followers. This blog has recently been through a major revamp after a long hiatus, yet we still have 1.5k loyal followers which is just amazing. So here is our gift to you. 
How To Enter: 
You must be following us here but we might not check okay, cool? Yeah. 
Reblog this post. This is the one part of our giveaway that doesn’t exactly follow tumblr’s guidelines so please limit yourself to just a few reblogs a day. No spamming or giveaway blogs. If you spam, tumblr might take this post down. But know that one reblog= one entry :) 
Please note as per tumblr’s guidelines we only ship within the United States, our home country
Please realize the exact make of the bag before you enter so you know what product you might be winning
The winner will be messaged on Thanksgiving Day so you have plenty of time
The winner will be kept anonymous unless they ask to be named
Have fun!

Edit: Very Important! I’ve gotten some messages and seen some activity that makes me think people are taking advantage of the “don’t have to be following rule” so in order to enter you must be following us! I’m sorry but that’s the way it’s got to be, the bag is for our supporters not greedy people who are rude to us. Your entry will not count if you’re not following us. If you don’t like our blog content, fine, don’t enter.
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My new crush
❝Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit.
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